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12 week

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Women in midlife face unique challenges when it comes to weight loss and stress management.


Hormonal changes, busy schedules, family life demands and work can make self-care impossible.


Emotional eating tendencies triggered by stress and frustration add

to the weight gain rollercoaster.

Balancing the desire for quick results with the need for sustainable, long-term change creates yo-yo dieting.

Struggling to find motivation and consistency in the face of setbacks.


Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of weight loss and wellness information available.

Difficulty breaking old habits and establishing new,

healthier onesKeto, fasting , couch to 5k, fitness apps, the list is long. 

None of them give you the hands on support you need to feel

confident you're moving in the right direction. 


That's why the Midlife Summer Series is specifically designed for

 women in this life-stage.

What's included?

Midlife pan details

Monday, Wednesday & Friday  

join Edwina for live

strength training sessions,

using a combination of

bodyweight & dumbbells.

36 training sessions in total


1:1 personalised nutrition coaching with Edwina

Weekly accountability check-in with Edwina

Facebook group support and coaching


12 weeks of live workshops hosted by Edwina

Mondays at 7.00pm

Week 1:

Setting the scene: Perimenopause

What's going on with your changing body and why

weight loss isn't easy

Week 2:

Food diary

Explore your now completed food diary and we can start to create a plan tailored for you.  Portions sizes, foods groups and the importance of variety. 

Week 3:

Somatic Healing

Combining a body and mind-focused approach, somatic therapy encourages us to reconnect with our physical self to understand the emotional self

Week 4:


Understand the effects of broken sleep on your body and ways you can start to

optimise your time of rest

Week 5:

Meditation workshop

Learn about the benefits of the skill of meditating.  Meditation helps you to regulate your emotions and builds awareness around situations that activate your nervous system.

Week 6:

Half way review

Week 7:


In midlife we now metabolise alcohol differently. Learn about alternative options  available and ways to support your body if you do drink.  

Week 8:

Journaling workshop

This simple but powerful practice that can help you not only manage stress and emotional overwhelm, but also bring clarity around the life you want for yourself

Week 9:

Self sabotage and the phases of change

Cravings and obstacles don't have to stop your progress.  Change isn't linear. 

Week 10:

Planning for nights out and holidays

This is not an all or nothing diet.  This is a plan for sustainable lifestyle changes which means learning how to make social occasions and holidays works for your health goals, not against them

Week 11:

Sound bath workshop

A sound bath is a way of managing anxiety, soothing the nervous system, and helps you to  connect with your body

Week 12:

Bringing it all together

 In this session we will consolidate everything you have learned over

the last 12 weeks. 

All workouts and workshops will be recorded

and uploaded for you to watch when convenient. 

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A 12-week workout plan, personal nutrition support,

accountability to track your progress, daily group support and weekly educational workshops - every base is covered to ensure your success.



Managing stress in mid-life is the crucial component of successful weight loss.  Consistently elevated cortisol levels result in chronic inflammation, interfere with the body's metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity. 


Poor sleep disrupts the body's hormonal balance, increasing irritability and cravings for high-calorie foods.  Optimising sleep increases mood stability and overall well-being, making it an integral part to weight loss during menopause.


Join my weekly live workouts that will help you shed weight and build lean muscle.   Muscle is metabolically active; therefore, the more lean muscle you have, the more you burn at rest.  Strength training also protects bones against osteoporosis.


Discover the power of gut-friendly foods that can help you achieve a healthy weight, balance blood sugar levels, and put an end to sugar cravings and crashes. 

You will learn to eat to feel energised without resorting to quick-fix diets. These sustainable eating habits will help you achieve long-term health and wellness."


Consider the vision for your Second Act: How do you want it to play out? Identify the things that genuinely excite you and bring joy. Assess what you need more of in your life, but just as crucially, pinpoint what you could do without.



No longer need to count calories, cut carbs or feel like you are

constantly on a "diet" again.

Lose weight and know exactly how to continue to do so,

and then be able to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

Introduce stress management practices into your daily

routine that improve your mood, and your relationships.

Have more energy, better sleep, less brain fog and a better mood.

 Realise just how powerful your new daily habits are.

Know how to thrive and live your best life, all whilst protecting your

future health!

A 12 week journey to help you lose weight, regain your energy and manage stress

more effectively.


What Clients Say

"I am thrilled with the weight I have lost and how easy it has been. 

I have trained with Edwina for a long time because she always gets me the results I need. " 



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